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The next generation of batteries by Smart 3D Current Collectors™ architecture coupled with an AI structure optimization algorithm.

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Technology Advantages

Higher energy density

Addionics current collectors design enables greater loading of the active material, which is integrated inside the current collectors metal framework, to allow a significant increase in volumetric and gravimetric energy

  • Higher energy density to enable longer EVs driving range 

  • Significant Increase in the battery accessible capacity

Higher energy density

Using AI To Optimize Battery Architecture

Addionics employs unique in-house optimization and artificial intelligence (AI) software that integrates into a battery’s hardware to create a smart, complete solution. The software uses AI-based and structures optimization algorithms that can predict and determine the best structure according to the application requirements. This solution also helps Addionics to protect its IP by collecting and using data of structure behaviors to improve and accelerate development, optimization processes, and reducing costs, using AI simulations.

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Lower internal resistance

Lower internal resistance

The 3D architecture allows homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the electrodes and provides more efficient heat dissipation

  • Allows faster charging time

  • Higher discharge rates to provide high-power capabilities

  • Minimize formations of “hot spots” that accelerate the degradation

  • Extends battery lifetime

  • Operate in extreme temperatures environments

Higher mechanical stability

Our 3D  structural design vastly improves mechanical stability, adhesion, and is able to better handle battery swelling, especially for emerging chemistries

  • Improves battery safety 

  • Increase battery lifetime 

  • Minimize cracking and delamination

  • Reduce the cost of ownership of multiple applications

Higher mechanical stability
High power to high energy ratio

High power to high energy ratio

Addionics’ 3D structure optimizes the trade-off between power and energy for both thin and thick electrodes, Optimal power to energy ratio

  • Enables use both for high energy & high power applications

  • Thickness flexibility to adapt to different applications and battery dimensions

  • Enables cost saving  and space utilization by reducing the number of the electrodes 

  • Enables very  thick cathodes in emerging high energy battery technologies

Ready To Boost Your Product's Performance?

While most companies try to improve batteries by focusing on the chemistry - we focus on the physics.  This allows us to achieve significant improvement in battery performance for any battery chemistry.

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