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Join us in our mission to accelerate the electrification movement and create a more sustainable future.

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Our team is growing and we are looking for passionate people with the matching mindset to help the company grow.

Dynamic and close knit team

Being a small company, our team is always there with you, focused on how to work with synergy to fulfill your company’s mission.

Diverse background

In order for us to best serve our clients and thrive as a company, we believe that teams of people with different backgrounds and perspectives can have richer discussions, consider new and different ideas, and have greater success at solving complex problems.

Advanced technology

We are building the next-generation of batteries by smart 3D electrodes architecture coupled with an AI structure optimization algorithm. 

The green impact

Our mission is to create an all-battery powered future that can live longer and generate less waste. Our technology support’s the creation of a clean and sustainable planet.

We are based in two incredible locations 

Job Openings

Job positions


At Addionics, we encourage young adults to develop skills that pave the road for professional and personal growth. We welcome students from all over the world, coming from programs or by themselves to apply as interns. Working with us, you'll tackle a wide array of problems including some of the world's greatest environmental challenges, while experiencing myriad cultures and technologies.

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