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Latest News on Batteries and EVs

The past month has seen a great deal of partnerships and investments in battery technology and manufacturing. Dominant industry players, such as VW and GM are realizing the growing demand for improved battery technology and are investing and building their roadmaps accordingly.

VW Roadmap Reveled on Power Day

During Volkswagen Group Power Day (March 15th) the automaker unveiled its roadmap which includes cutting battery production costs by 50%, 6 new battery cell production plants with a production capacity of 240 gigawatt-hours per annum, 18,000 fast charging stations in Europe by 2025 and more. “Our transformation will be fast, it will be unprecedented... bigger than anything the industry has seen in the last century,” said VW Group CEO Herbert Diess.

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GM partner with SolidEnergy Systems

General Motors announced their new partnership with SolidEnergy Systems, an MIT spinoff startup they have invested in five years ago. Mark Reuss, GM president said that the aim of the new venture is ''to improve energy density of Li-ion batteries and to drive the mass adoption of EVs.'' They plan on building a prototyping facility in Massachusetts with a pre-production battery by 2023. Read more here

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Northvolt acquires Cuberg startup

Northvolt, a Swedish battery developer and manufacturer, specialized in lithium-ion technology for electric vehicles, has bought U.S. battery startup Cuberg. Through this acquisition, Northvolt hope to deliver batteries with increased range, capacity and safety whilst reducing their costs. “This is critical for accelerating the shift to fully electric vehicles and responding to the needs of the leading automotive companies within a relevant time frame,” Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson said. Read more here

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5 Leading Startups in Fast Charging Batteries

StartUs Insights have analyzed 175 emerging technologies working on solutions for the energy sector and have chosen the following 5, us included, as the top fast charging battery startups impacting energy; Addionics, StoreDot, GBatteries, Geyser Batteries, and InvertedPower with each company addressing a different challenge. See their Heat Map below and read more here

Photo credit: The Global Startup Heat Map / Startus Insights

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