Delivering Better Performances

While lowering the battery costs by enabling higher energy density and longer lifetime

 50% reduction
in charging time

Up to 200% extra
capacity & range

200% increased

Using a cost-effective sustainable process 

Drop in solution

Compatible with existing factories

Chemistry agnostic

Improves any battery chemistry

More sustainable

Reducing waste

While most companies try to improve batteries by focusing on the chemistry - we focus on the physics. 

This allows us to achieve significant improvement in battery performance for any battery chemistry.

How it Works


Smartphones & Laptops

IOTs & Wearables

Electric Vehicles

Aviation & Drones

Consumer Electronics

Medical Devices


Key Enabling Technology

Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries by redesigning their architecture.

With our patent-protected scalable 3D metal fabrication method, we enhance performance, mileage, safety, cost and charging time of batteries. 

Addionics novel smart 3D structure minimizes the internal resistance and improves mechanical longevity, thermal stability and other fundamental limitations and degradation factors in standard batteries.

This process results in a significant step-change in the performance of all key battery characteristics simultaneously and enables a cheaper cost of ownership.


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