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Redesigning the Architecture of Rechargeable Batteries

We help the electric
movement make sense

All Batteries today have a 2D electrode structure, which also consists of 2D current collectors. Addionics pinpoint a specific weakness in today's traditional architecture of batteries and replace it with our smart 3D structure. By doing so, we overcome the internal resistance, a fundamental limitation and degradation factor in standard batteries.


Life Time


Charging Time


The Range


Additional Costs

Changing Landscapes

Addionics' core IP is our secret sauce for the 3D structures, the enabler for smart and Low resistance 3D metal current collectors for high power, high capacity batteries. 

Addionics' solution is commercially viable. In an Electric Vehicle, this translates into a reduction of charging time by half and a 100%  increase in range at high speed.

Experts in Curiosity

Addionics' London Labs are in a brand-new facility located in the emerging neighbourhood of White City. The lab is equipped with the most advanced electrochemical research equipment; this helps us to better develop and test our 3D smart current collector, continuously advancing development .

Addionics is partnering with leading OEMs in order to improve EV Batteries. Automakers are seeking to develop and expand their EV models, but are limited by the current state of batteries.  In order to improve the practicality and greater adoption of EVs, new battery technologies need to be developed as a matter of priority.

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