Powering The Future

A low-cost drop-in solution, creating the only high power & high energy battery, without compromises.

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Addionics Named a 2022 BloombergNEF Pioneer!
For innovating technology that advances the low-carbon economy

Delivering Better Performances

Up to 200% extra capacity & range

X2 accessible 


Increased energy density by enabling greater active material loading and by accessing more capacity especially at high power rates 

50% reduction in charging time

50% reduction 

in charging time

50% lower internal resistance at the cell level allows

for < 15 min fast charging time

Improved mechanical and thermal stability

Increased safety

Significantly improved thermal uniformity and higher mechanical stability

200% increased lifetime

Up to 150% longer

Better structural adhesion prevents cracks & delamination and facilitates better heat dissipation along the cell 


Drop in solution

Compatible with existing factories

15% Lower  Cost of ownership

Cost reduction
due to scalable cost effective manufacturing process

Chemistry agnostic

Chemistry agnostic

Improves any battery chemistry

green impact

Compatible with any environmental friendly materials

Lowering The Battery Costs

We Bet on the Race, not on the Horse

While most companies try to improve batteries by focusing on the chemistry - we focus on the physics. 

This allows us to achieve significant improvement in battery performance for any battery chemistry.

How it Works


Smartphones & Laptops

Our 3D structure have lower internal resistance and enables higher current charging of all devices, makes them safer, and improves the life-time of the battery. Our design enables increased energy to fit in a smaller volume while boosting device performance.

IOTs & Wearables

Addionics cells provide safety, longevity, and capacity in a light-weight compact volume, improving convenience and durability to keep devices running longer, and survive more extreme temperature conditions due to heat spread.

Electric Vehicles

Our 3D battery architecture has significantly lower internal resistance, which overcomes range anxiety by doubling vehicle range with higher accessible capacity, and reducing battery charging times by 50%.

Aviation & Drones

Addionics porous internal structure increases gravimetric energy density, reducing overall weight of drones. This allows a positive impact on flight time. Our batteries can be charged faster, reducing ground time, and a simplified BMS further reduces avionic costs.

Consumer Electronics

Addionics enhances consumer products by increasing key performance elements including longer battery life, faster charging time, and a lighter and smaller space utilization due to the smart and customizable form factors.

Medical Devices

Our smart metal structures provide the highest level of safety due less battery downtime, cell mechanical stability, and improved heat dissipation in high-risk medical environments, as well as customizable space utilization for all size and form factor.

Platform Enabling Technology

Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries by redesigning their architecture.

With our patent-protected scalable Smart 3D Electrodes™ fabrication method, we enhance battery performance: capacity, safety, charging time, lifetime, and cost of the batteries.

Addionics novel smart 3D structure minimizes the internal resistance and improves mechanical longevity, thermal stability and other fundamental limitations and degradation factors in standard batteries.

This process results in a significant step-change in the performance of all key battery characteristics simultaneously and enables a cheaper cost of ownership.

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