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AddWeekly - Addionics News on batteries and EVs

Eight former and current Tesla employees said the company's open-air factory in Fremont, California, GA4, provides poor working conditions and caused damage to plastic housings. Read more

For most of automotive history, vehicles could be sorted into one of two categories based on how they were built: body-on-frame, such as today's full-size pickups and big SUVs, or unibody, which includes almost everything else in the market. Read more

Energica, the Italian manufacturer of high power electric racing motorcycles, has a new target in sight. The company has just announced plans to develop a series of smaller, lighter-weight electric motorcycles. Read more

Tesla Model 3 is the best road trip car: 10 hours of driving on Autopilot and 0 hours waiting for charging. Read more

Tesla Pickup truck is supposed to have a mysterious design inspired by ‘Blade Runner’ and Tesla also released a teaser image that has been confusing fans. Read more

Konrad Bergstrom, the Swedish tech millionaire behind the new electric boat startup X Shore, says that he was inspired by Tesla to create its lineup of electric boats. Read more

Just days after announcing a Chinese battery deal, Toyota has announced that it will partner with another company, BYD, to develop all-electric cars in China. Read more

BMW is preparing to launch the Mini Electric next month and ahead of the unveiling of the production version, the automaker is teasing the new all-electric vehicle and opening orders in some markets. Read more

Tesla Model S Shanghai Fire, Range, And Charge Issues Seem Connected. Read more

Latest CATL batteries (66.5 kWh) give G3 520 a 520 km (323 miles) of NEDC range. And it's under $30,000 in China after subsidies. Read more

Volvo Buses recently won one of the greatest electric bus orders in Europe for 160 vehicles that will enter service in the Gothenburg area (Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille) in Sweden. Read more

Curtiss Shows Off Yet Another Olympian Creation, The Hades. Read more

ZF presents its new 140 kW 2-speed drive unit for electric cars (scalable up to 250 kW), which consists of an electric motor, 2-speed transmission and power electronics - all integrated into a compact drive unit. Read more

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