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AddWeekly - Addionics News on batteries and EVs

BMW is preparing to launch the Mini Electric next month and ahead of the unveiling of the production version, the automaker is teasing the new all-electric vehicle and opening orders in some markets. Read more

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has paved its test tunnel under Los Angeles with asphalt and it is now giving test rides to some VIPs in a Tesla Model 3. Take a look

Tesla has been making several changes to its charging capabilities lately and with a new software update, the Model 3 is now Supercharging 20% faster. Read more

H55, a spinoff of solar-powered flight project Solar Impulse, announced it has successfully completed a flight with an all-electric two-seater airplane which it sees as a “stepping stone” for electric VTOLs and flying taxi development. Read more

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to launch its electric XJ replacement on a new electric-capable platform that may be used in an all-electric Range Rover, as well. Read more

Bentley isn't a brand you'd think would concern itself with electrification. The company's 6.0-liter W12 engine is an icon, delivering supple power in several of the brand's high-end luxury cars. Read more

Klaus Zellmer, President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, contributed an op-ed to USA Today. The gist of it is that electric cars will become increasingly common on U.S. roads as adoption is imminent. Zellmer gives credit to Tesla for popularizing EVs and proving that the demand is not only real, but also significant. Read more

More than seven in 10 van operators plan to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) to their fleets in the next year, a new haulage industry report claims. Read more

Renault has officially launched the new edition of their Zoe electric vehicle. The model known as Z.E. 50 has a 52 kWh rechargeable battery with a range of up to 390 kilometres. Read more

The Chinese real estate group Evergrande Group is investing the equivalent of around 23 billion US dollars in the construction of three plants for electric vehicles and their components in Guangzhou. Read more

Volkswagen is investing 900 million euros in the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt. Part of the sum is earmarked for a planned joint venture with the Swedish battery manufacturer, another part goes directly to Northvolt. Read more


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