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A world of Innovation, unicorns and partnerships

It was great talking to so many companies willing to participate in the electric revolution at MOVE 2019. Partnerships were a core topic at the mobility conferences to build the future of our electric world. We hope to work on partnerships or maintain useful relationships with the Companies and Startups we discussed with.

"The general affirmation that was made at the end of 2018 for the coming years was: 'if you're startup and you planned to have 12 months of funding, then you should try getting 18 months' but now in 2019 we are realising how this statement is not so true. Big deals and fundings continue to shock, liquidity of these large investment pools continue to surprise. [On our side], we have massive R&D prospects, we've got over 1200 engineers working on research, [...] and we are an incubator for internal innovation. [...] VC is one of the largest market for scalable innovation." Jaguar Land Rover - MOVE 2019, Disruption: Investment & the route to market for innovative products.

"These partnerships are extremely important, we play a role in how to on-board them from a partnership, from a startup environment into a big corporate organisation. [...] I believe that partnerships are essential, we see ourselves as a bridge for doing that, what we typically do - of course, there are the big partnerships but also the smaller ones - we try to discuss with these small startups how we can solve problems that we identify together. So I think partnerships is the keyword, and that is also why we are here today, to reach out for partnerships in European ecosystems, to work together to solve problems." Toyota Connected - MOVE 2019, Disruption: Investment & the route to market for innovative products.

Make sure to read our upcoming article on partnerships between startups and corporates in the EV world.

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