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Delivering Better Performances

Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries by redesigning their architecture.

With our patent-protected scalable 3D metals fabrication method, we enhance battery performance: capacity, safety, charging time, lifetime, and cost of the batteries.

Addionics novel smart 3D structure minimizes the internal resistance and improves mechanical longevity, thermal stability and other fundamental limitations and degradation factors in standard batteries.

This process results in a significant step-change in the performance of all key battery characteristics simultaneously and enables a cheaper cost of ownership.

This allows us to achieve significant improvement in battery performance for any battery chemistry.

Powering The Future


Higher Energy Density

  •  Improve battery capacity & range

  •  Addionics current collectors have a porous structure (like a sponge). This structure has a higher surface area, in the same space, a factor that improves the battery energy density, mainly because that supports greater loading of active material

  • by integrating it inside the electrode structure - enabling significantly higher energy density. 

  • The active material is integrated into the structure and not layered on top of it like in regular batteries

Lower Internal Resistance

Allows Better heat dissipation and faster charging: The unique structure creates a 3D network that allows the heat to distribute homogeneously throughout the whole electrodes. That has a few benefits:

  • It prevents the creation of “hot spots” fundamental limitations that affect degradation in standard batteries and negatively impact safety

  • It allows working at a higher temperature without damaging the battery 

  • Higher temperatures = Faster charging

  • Higher temperature = High discharge rates so it’s possible to use more power, for power tools for example, or when a drone needs to elevate or any other vehicle to accelerate, or even using a laser beam for military uses. 

  • Allows working in hot environments

  • Improve on the longevity and life cycles of the battery due to the reduction of battery degradation that caused also by high temperatures 


Higher Mechanical Stability

The 3D structure prevents the use of layers

  • improves the life time and safety of the battery

  • improves the mechanical stability because when you apply stress on the battery, the layers move and separate, and this is one of the main reasons of battery degradation.

  • our structure has X14 more mechanical stability. Mechanical stability is a major safety parameter.

High Power To High Energy Ratio

  •  Addionics structure is optimal for both (optimal ratio)

  •  we are able to get the optimal ratio of power to energy, enabled by the porous structure, that has both thickness advantages.

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