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The New Technologies Powering the Battery Race

With the electrification process paving the way for a cleaner world well underway, companies are working on developing performing, long-lasting and reliable rechargeable battery chemistries.

One of the biggest sources of air pollution, the automotive industry, is quickly moving to electric cars thanks to improvement in battery technologies. Whilst the cost of manufacturing batteries is still relatively expensive, especially in industries that require large amounts of batteries like the automotive and energy storage industries, battery technology keeps on improving and prices will continue to drop. Using improved batteries will make creating 100% renewable energy possible. Whilst it has already started happening with EVs, it’s set to be the next revolution.

At the same time, all battery manufacturers are trying to create the next generation of batteries and bring revolutionary engineering solutions to the market to create a more sustainable future. In our webinar in partnership with BloombergNEF and hosted by Battery Industry, we covered these solutions, from promising emerging chemistries such as solid state and silicon to new battery design and engineering. We dove into the challenges, opportunities, advantages and adoption of the technologies available on today’s market and how this will enable the green revolution era.

Watch our webinar to hear from Dr. James Frith, Head Of Energy Storage at BloombergNEF, Dr. Moshiel Biton, CEO of Addionics and Dr. Luca Bono from Battery Industry, to discuss the battery and EV market transformation, who is best positioned to create the next game changer in the race for battery performance and how new battery engineering is going to unlock new generation batteries.


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