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Lithium-ion batteries are here to stay.

Lithium-ion batteries are here to stay. In fact for a long term. It does not take a genius to realise it. But sometimes it takes one or two or more to say it loudly.

Lithium-ion replacement has a long and winding road to get to the point where we are now with current development and manufacturing capabilities of lithium-ion cells. Maybe even longer. We should not expect anything cost-effective and durable for at least 5 years or maybe even 10 or so.

It is not bad though to be stuck with lithium-ion for a while. Still a lot of improvement can be done in cell chemistry, even more so in engineering of the electrodes, cells, pack, modules etc.

Addionics recognises the direction of this market, using the same focus ensuring every future chemistry will continue to benefit from our unique solution.


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