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Addweekly - Addionics news on batteries and EVs (4 - 11 March)

Tesla - Supercharger, Pickup truck, Stores & sales, Production, gigafactory 3 & Catl possible partnership

Supercharger: last Wednesday, Tesla launched its first V3 superchargers with an impressive capacity of 250 kW peak power (read more)

Pickup truck: Tesla are working on their new pickup truck so that it will come this year as soon as possible. This will offer competition with Rivian and they will be the first 2 american pickup trucks available (read more & read more)

Stores: After a chaotic change in sales strategy,Tesla have decided that they will keep most stores open and have raised prices slightly. The prices are going to be raised back up by 3% on the model 3, S and X starting on March 18th. Whie some might think this chaotic situation was simply not too well though out while others think it might have been to hide that it was cutting compensations for retail employees. (read more, read more & read more)

Production: Tesla is producing its first batches of standard model 3s so it was not lying about its new 35000$ model 3. However, CEO Elon Musk affirmed that production has started but “it will not reach volume production until mid year”. Tesla has been producing between 4,000 and 5,000 Model 3 a week but is aiming to make 10000 a week using the Fremont and China’s factory by the end of the year. So his plans seem on point and we think Tesla will be able to deliver. (read more & read more)

Gigafactory 3: more news on Tesla’s new Gigafcatory in Shanghai specify that Tesla received $521 million loan from Chinese banks to help fund the first phase. As mentioned in last week’s news the total loans from Chinese banks for the total phases amount to $2 billion.

A drone has shown progress on the foundations of the building and government officilas says the whole factory could be ready as early as May. (read more & read more)

Catl partnership: Tesla is reportedly in talks with China’s leading battery manufacturer CATL so that they can supply the model 3 batteries that will come out of their factory in Shanghai. For the short term this is definitely a good move to supply Tesla with batteries for its cars in China, knowing that it has not yet announced to make batteries there but is going to be making their cars there.(read more)

Porsche: high demand and push for electrification

The German automokaker announced it was working on next gen batteries that will be implemented in vehicles coming out next year. These batteries allow higher density and longer range. They expect to “increase their production capacities in light of of the extraordinarily high level of demand”. (read more & read more)

Indeed they confirm having gotten 20000 reservations for the Porsche Taycan their first EV. (read more)

Their new battery techs will allow them to pursue their advancements and they say they will enable them to produce a 918 Spyder successor: a plug-in electric hypercar ready within 3-4 years. (read more)

Unveils, reveals and teasers on electric and hybrid vehicles this week:

eQooder by Quadro first 4 wheeled electric scooter, e.Go new electric car using VW’s open platform, Polestar 3 (SUV) by Volvo, small Q4 etron SUV by Audi, EQV minivan by Mercedes, new Fuell brand by Eric Buell, SKODA KLEMENT, Lagonda electric all terrain SUV concept, Pinifarina’s Battista hypercar, VW all electric buggy

Uk hopes to attract battery plant investment

Nissan leaf first EV to surpass 400000 sales

Wood Mackenzie Sees Utility Scale Battery Storage Doubling In 2019 & Tripling In 2020


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