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Addweekly - Addionics News on batteries and EVs

VV announced of a car battery pack that will last the entire lifetime of the car, this translates to 70% capacity for at least 8 years or 160,000 miles. Even though the car would probably last longer than eight years, VV says their battery will last at least until it will be too costly to maintain the car. Read more

The world’s largest recycler of Aluminium - Novelis, has developed what is known to be the first aluminium battery pack enclosure which will lead to a significant decrease in the battery pack weight. Read more

Take a look at the Plug-in Hybrid sales of the top automotive groups in the first quarter of 2019.

NIO has laid off 50 CA-based employees and closed one of its offices in the West Coast while continuing its growth strategy. Read more

Ducati has announced its first electric motor which will be a Chinese scooter. This step is following Ducati's CEO announced that “the future is going to be electric”. Read more

The Tesla Giga Factory 3 is under construction and its main building will be ready this month. Take a look at this video

An Israeli based company for energy storage and a global leader in electrification. Will support all-electric bus fleet in Portland, which will use the energy produced by wind power. Read more

GM is getting into the electric truck race and announced a fully electric pickup truck which will compete with its competitors' models. Read more

In our last report, we shared the progress of the eHighway that will be constructed in Sweden to test the solution of a charging road while electric vehicles driving on it. Take a look at the developments here

Researchers from UC San Diego has developed a better solution for the recycling of lithium-ion battery. This is a very important field of research as used batteries from electric vehicles are piling up at landfills and requires better solutions to deal with them. Read more

Researches have created what they call a “Hybrid” Cathode which combines two approaches to increase battery capacity. Read more about their solution here

Tesla is warning of a future shortage of the essential minerals for EVs batteries industry. Read more

A new project in Vietnam will bring 3,000 fully electric buses next year, which aim to help cut down emissions from public transport. Read more

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