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Addionics' November Europe Tour

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Addionics’ tour in Europe started last week in Italy with an early morning flight to Milan and a drive to Turin, the Italian automotive capital, home of all the beautiful design brands.

I arrived to the HQ of a big car maker and had the privilege of meeting the head of innovation and R&D of one of the biggest car consortiums in the world. After a tough due diligence with an assortment of key firm members including a senior professor from the polytechnic of Turin, we shook hands and developed a potential collaboration - Addionics was enthusiastic to discover that we have been on their radar and are one of few startups they are willing to work with.

We were later informed by our friends in Turin that the client with whom we set action items hours before had already informed them of their eagerness to work with us - just another illustration of our hard work and diligence. This was delivered after a full day of successful meetings during the VTM event, meetings with extremely relevant actors of our ecosystem. We managed to open the doors to Italian manufacturing and design partners.

Next stop: Munich. After a direct flight, I landed in a grey Munich, but a full day of meetings in snow-covered Gliching 30 miles away lifted my spirits with festive charm! Thanks to Webasto, who hosted a quintessentially brilliant meeting organised by Plug and play/ StartUp Autobahn, we discussed the future of e-mobility where we carried more than 10 private meetings with world-renowned Autobahn partners. I presented twice that day, and during the second pitch, in front of 350 people, I had the honour of following Webasto’s CEO. Webasto is a world leader in the production of convertible roofs, as well as charging solutions and electric mobility, directly connected to Addionics’ field. This event was the highlight of the tour.

Following Munich, I boarded the first train to Stuttgart, a 2 and a half hour commute each direction, for just one meeting - and yet, it was the most inspiring 2 hours I had. I met with a former top executive automotive director. A humble and inspiring man who took the time to offer unique insights and advice. It was fascinating to hear an inside perspective and train of thought to decision making.

During a short leg in Israel, I will give a talk in the international conference in Eilat, then flying out again, this time to Sweden, with Addionics’ CTO, Dr Vlad Yufit who is joining from our lab in London as part of the Drive delegation.

And we are still hiring so please check our page and refer good candidates :)


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