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Addionics appoints Boaz Mamo, founder of the EcoMotion Community, as VP of Business Development

In his new position, Mamo will work to expand joint ventures between the startup engaged in developing groundbreaking technology to enhance the performance of e-vehicle batteries, and international automakers and energy storage companies.

Boaz Mamo will serve as Vice President of Business Development at Addionics, an Israeli company developing innovative technology to enhance battery performance and cost, focusing on the EV (Electric Vehicles) market. Mamo, who about a decade ago founded EcoMotion, a community of entrepreneurs promoting transport technologies, has for years been considered one of the most outstanding figures in Israel and globally in the field of Smart Mobility. In his new position, Boaz will work to expand partnerships between Addionics and leading companies in the automobile and energy storage industries, both in the US and internationally.

Over the last decade, Mamo has accumulated broad, valuable experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. He began his professional career in this field back in 2011, when together with Dr. Leonid Bakman, he founded the Israel Innovation Institute – an NGO with the declared objective of promoting research & development, technology and innovation for the economy, the academic world and Israeli society, while actually putting into practice policy on science, technology and innovation, both in Israel and globally. Later on, as part of the Institute, he established the EcoMotion Community, which, among others, to this day is the driving force behind and the producer of the EcoMotion Conference, which over the years has become a magnet for senior figures in the global automobile industry, as well as Smart Mobility startups.

In 2019, Mamo founded Navmatic, a startup that focuses on vehicle safety and that was ultimately sold in 2021 to Superpedestrian. Before this, he served as Co-founder and CEO of Drive TLV, an innovation hub for promising smart mobility startups. Boaz worked closely with many of Drive's partners, including Honda, Volvo, and many others. Back in 2014, he founded CapsulaTAU, a unique partnership between the Alternative Fuels Administration initiative in the Prime Minister’s Office and Tel Aviv University, that functions as an accelerator program connecting multiple startups in the mobility sector with key players in industry and academia. Today, Mamo serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Israel Innovation Institute, the EcoMotion organization, and the Drive TLV hub.

Mamo is joining Addionics with a view to promoting the goal that the Company set itself in January this year, when it announced that it had closed a Series A funding round of USD 27 million – to reach mass production by 2024. Mamo will lead the Company’s business development activity from its location in San Francisco and will also be responsible for the routine management of its activity focused on the US market, with the aim of supporting its local activity with automobile companies and the Company's investors. To date, the Company has created a number of development collaborations with automakers in order to begin to integrate the technology within their EVs, In the last month, as part of the Company's objective of moving forward towards mass production, it announced in conjunction with Blitz Motors, one of the leading manufacturers of electric motorcycles, a joint venture aimed at developing and integrating Addionics technology in Blitz’s electric scooters. Both companies anticipate that the first test model will be completed at 2023.

Dr. Moshiel Biton, CEO and co-founder of Addionics, had the following to say about the appointment: “Boaz is one of the true pioneers of the Smart Mobility community in Israel and he brings with him a rich variety of knowhow and experience from two worlds – entrepreneurship and mobility. The current trend of rising coal, fuel and electricity prices, coupled with supply chain failures, and the need to supply clean energy to the mass to support the global effort of decarbonization, genuinely underscores the need for advanced energy storage solutions, such as the approach that Addionics is developing in Israel and is eager to deliver globally as soon as possible. We eagerly look forward to welcoming Boaz to the team, we wish him much success and are convinced that in his new position, he will be able to help fulfill our ambitious vision, to generate a positive impact on the world and on the future for us all.”

About Addionics

Addionics is developing the next generation of batteries by revolutionizing battery architecture with a shift to the use of Smart 3D Electrodes. The Company was founded in 2018, and to date has raised USD 40 million while employing a 40-strong staff in Israel, London, US and Germany. Addionics has developed a unique, patent-protected process enabling low-cost mass production of the unique electrodes, integrating dedicated AI-based software to enable battery structure optimization, right from the design stage and production processes themselves, in order to attain optimal performance at a competitive price. While most companies in the industry try to improve batteries by focusing on changing their chemical composition, Addionics chooses to focus its efforts on the physical structure of the battery. This approach enables the company to achieve significant improvement in any type of battery, including batteries based on new technologies that have yet to reach the point of commercial use.


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