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Battery Manufacturing Lead, UK

Addionics is looking for an experienced professional to be our technical lead and or advisor for our work with battery manufacturing partners. 

Addionics is currently working with several battery manufacturers where we provide our advanced 3D battery structures and our partners manufacture battery cells with our components. 

This position will be responsible for overseeing the technical activities of these subcontractors which assemble batteries per our specifications. Collaborate with Addionics and manufacturer to define a clear SOW for the vendor based on the high-level targets for a given project. Make sure that the activity with the vendor meets technical, dates, and budget targets.


Prerequisites – must have:

  • Hands-on experience in building Li-Ion cells (bigger than “coin cells”), in R&D/prototyping environment

  • 5(+) years experience in technical project management

  • Desire to develop new processes/technology

  • Full SOW definition

  • Strong leadership and people management skills 

  • Good communication and reporting skills

  • Ability and willingness to travel 



  • Experience in managing sub-contractors

  • Experience in material sourcing

  • Ability to find new vendors

  • Basic understanding of contracts 

  • Experience in material processing

  • Experience in mass production of batteries

Think you're qualified for the position?

Please contact us at:


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