Battery Process Technician (Intern)

About Addionics
Addionics is a rapidly growing company focused on the creation and development of 3D
electrodes for battery technology. These new 3D electrodes significantly improve the energy
density, charge time and performance of batteries. Addionics’ unique technology enables
battery development to be tailored for consumer electronics, micro-mobility, EVs and more.
Addionics currently operates in two countries and works with Tier-1 automotive partners
around the world.

General job description
Addionics is looking for an intern to join our R&D group in London to support battery
development. Specifically, the intern will optimise slurry processing and electrode
manufacture for a wide variety of electrode chemistries, contributing to a wider team effort to
make and test battery prototypes.

This is full time position with a strong laboratory focus, where the intern is expected to apply
chemistry and materials processing knowledge to manufacture electrodes for batteries. This
is a hands-on role in a manufacturing environment, and the intern will work efficiently,
confidently and skilfully to deliver electrodes to team members to meet internal and external
deadlines while complying with all health and safety regulations. This role requires on-site
presence throughout the work week, i.e. we cannot enable working-from-home

Main Duties and responsibilities

  • Establishing standard operational procedures for electrode manufacturing processes

  • Investigation and troubleshooting of battery processing challenges

  • Rheological measurements of electrode slurries

  • Keeping accurate records of all undertaken work and results

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant working and safety standards

  • Contribute to generation of new company’s intellectual property and know-how


Experience, qualifications

  • Background in chemistry, materials, or a related area (BSc or MSc level). Recent

graduates or career resuming candidates are welcome.

  • Ability to solve practical problems independently

  • Any experience of manufacturing is desirable: mixing, coating, drying, etc.

  • Background on battery technology is desirable but not essential


Dexterity in the laboratory, enthusiasm, chemical intuition, scientific literacy, attention
to detail, ability to organise and summarise results as well as ability to read manuals
and trouble shoot equipment. Ability to execute systematic studies, to analyse data
and implement the conclusions.

What we offer: At the end of the period, the intern is expected to have a full understanding
of Li-ion batteries in general, the different chemistries, the typical and the manufacturing
methods for electrodes. They will be trained to use a range of characterisation and

processing equipment used to fabricate electrodes for batteries. The initial project length is
6-months, but we will consider making this role permanent at the end of the internship for a
candidate of sufficient quality.

Interested? Send your CV to: 

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