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Battery Process Engineer / London, UK

Addionics is a rapidly growing company focusing on the creation and development of the next generation of battery technology through innovative breakthrough manufacturing process of their proprietary three-dimensional (3D) electrodes. Addionics overcome challenges in existing battery technology to result in significantly improved batteries with higher energy density, faster charging and other performance characteristics. Addionics unique technology enables battery development tailored for consumer electronics, micro-mobility, EVs and more. Addionics currently operates in two countries and works with Tier-1 partners around the world.


General job description:


Addionics is looking for a battery manufacturing engineer to work on in-house slurry preparation and coating of 3D electrodes for Li-ion batteries. This work will be carried out within the facilities located in London and will also involve collaborations with third parties. This position is practical and hands-on without the possibility for hybrid or remote working.


Main Duties and responsibilities:

  • Appraisal, purchasing and commissioning of mixing and coating equipment

  • Day to day operation and maintenance of the equipment

  • Design and execution of innovative projects around slurry preparation and coating

  • Development of robust coating for 3D current collectors

  • Development of robust formulation of inks for electrode coating

  • Carrying out rheological assessment and studies of inks 

  • Optimisation of electrode coatings for end-user applications

  • Keeping accurate records of all undertaken work and results

  • Troubleshooting fabrication process issues

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant working and safety standards

  • Contribute to generation of new company’s intellectual property and know-how


Experience and qualifications:


  • BSc, MSc or PhD in Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science or similar 

  • 2+ years of industrial experience in coating of electrodes and substrates from any high tech sector (solar, fuel cells, semiconductors, batteries and others)

  • High level of technical expertise in mixing, slurry fabrication and rheology

  • In-depth experience of working with rheometers 

  • In depth knowledge of slurry preparation and coating

  • Ability to solve practical problems and work independently

  • Ability to execute systematic studies, to analyse data and implement the conclusions

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills

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